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Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK) is a proactive, authentic, international university in central Finland with a strong reputation for innovation both regionally and nationally. We provide a unique campus ecosystem and vibrant international learning community, consisting of approximately 3400 students and 250 experts, operating in our own compact campus area located in the beautiful region of Kainuu, Finland.

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We offer a wide selection of English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees that provide valuable core knowledge, hands-on experience and networking opportunities in your future industry. Finland is known worldwide for providing extremely high-quality education, and KAMK continues this traditional within our including Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees delivered fully in English.

Since its inception, KAMK has continuously been rewarded with the highest honours available to universities of applied sciences in Finland for our dedication to quality education and student guidance (source: Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland). In addition, based on our own students’ feedback, our graduates are the most the satisfied in the country.

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Our talented group of course lecturers provide each student with individualized support, helping them identify and develop their personal skillset, while our vast list of Student Services allows for uninterrupted focus by assisting with the more practical matters of student life. The study content throughout our six English-taught degrees focuses on practical and hands-on experience, allowing our students to begin their future careers quickly and effectively.

All our facilities are located within a single campus area near the city center, within easy walking distance of each other. Student accommodation is available in neat, modern apartments on campus and students can enjoy the outstanding natural surroundings for a wide range of leisure and sports activities.

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