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Welcome to Start Your Studies in Kajaani!

Welcome to join genuinely international and vibrant university in central of Finland, in Kajaani. Kajaani offers outstanding natural surroundings for a wide range of leisure and sports activities, we truly hope that you enjoy your time here!

KAMK Campus

Our state-of-the-art campus facilities are exceptionally advanced, compared to our modest size and location in the rural north of Finland. We provide our students with unparalleled access to resources including a fully functioning datacenter (one of the only student operated datacenter labs in Finland), numerous game design rooms, content-creation studio, 3D printing workshop and robotics labs. One of our most well-known facilities is the Esports Room, outfitted with 25 optimised gaming rigs, two 80-inch televisions and a console gaming corner.

All our facilities are located within a single campus area near the city center and our modern student accommodations. Also, in close proximity are various leisure and sports activities including frisbee golf, running tracks, outdoor gyms, skiing trails, and more. Not to mention the mere 30-minute drive to one of Finland’s top winter sport resorts Vuokatti, home to the Vuokatti Sport Olympic Training Center. 

Student Housing

A company called Kajaanin Pietari provides student accommodation in Kajaani. They offer shared accommodation and also family apartments. Some of the accommodation is located on campus and other housing is located 1 – 3 km from KAMK. The students are expected to apply for their own accommodation but the International Office at KAMK gives advice on the matter.

Most of the foreign students choose cell residences, where they share the apartment with 3–5 other students and have a room on their own. The student accommodation generally has the basic furniture available.  However, there are no bed sheets, towels or kitchenware. The rent varies depending on the location from 260 euros / month to 330 euros / month.

Find out more about the student accommodation in Kajaani at

It is also possible to choose another type of accommodation than student accommodation. Please note that if you choose to rent an apartment without furniture, the apartment will be empty at the beginning and you need to arrange the furniture yourself. Also, it may be that there will be no electricity unless separately agreed at the beginning of the stay.

A blanket and pillow set can be bought from the Student Union KAMO on arrival. Please note that the set must be ordered in advance! The price of the blanket and pillow set is 25 euros.

Students must pay a rent deposit before signing the rental lease agreement. The deposit for a cell residence is worth approximately one months’ rent. The deposit will be refunded when the rental lease agreement has expired, if the rents have been paid and the apartment is in normal condition.

Residence Permits

If you are a citizen of an EU Member State, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland, you do not need a residence permit for Finland.

If you a citizen of another country (non-EU), you will need a residence permit to study in Finland. After being offered the study place, you can start the residence permit application process online at The permit must be applied for abroad, before coming to Finland. The mandatory appendices consist of

  • Confirmation of the study place
  • Health insurance documents
  • Sufficient funds (a minimum of 6 720 euros per year as a bank deposit)
  • Receipt of the paid tuition fee
  • A passport and a passport photo

The process requires a visit in a Finnish mission (Embassy or Consulate) for identification. In case there is no Finnish diplomatic mission in your country, check which mission you need to contact. The application will be processed only after you have visited a Finnish embassy. The residence permit decisions are made by The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

After you have been accepted to study in Finland, start the application process for the residence permit immediately to avoid any delays in starting your studies. 

Find out more details: 
Finnish Immigration Services

City of Kajaani

The International Info at City of Kajaani supports all foreigners moving to Kajaani in settling in and provides advice and guidance to those planning to move to Kajaani or already living here. Read more: 

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