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Applying for English-taught bachelor’s degrees at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences takes place through a system of online applications that is available at the website www.studyinfo.fi. The applicants are expected to submit the application with enclosures themselves. There are no application fees. 

Joint application for studies starting in autumn 2025 takes place on 8 – 22 January 2025

The application details and information on entrance exams can be found on 

If you wish to get a head start to your studies, there is an opportunity to join KAMK via Pathway Studies, arranged in collaboration with our partners. Pathway studies mean accomplishing approximately 30 – 60 credits of courses offered by agreed partners. The students are offered a study place based on the completed studies. 

Pathway to Finland offered by Edunation

This one semester Pathway to Finland programme provided by our Finnish educational partner Edunation offers applicants from outside of EU/ETA area a convenient and affordable way to gain admission to degree programmes with us. Pathway studies will be partly or fully accredited as part of the degree. Upon completing the Pathway, you will be given guaranteed access to your pre-selected degree program. Edunation’s qualified teachers will help you to develop your language and academic skills so that you can comfortably start your degree studies.  Same time, in collaboration with us, Edunation’s skilled professionals will help you with all the practicalities related to studies and arriving to Finland. Depending on your location, you can choose to take part in the Pathway completely online from your home, or choose from some of the study hubs provided by Edunation. Read more on Edunation webpage.

University of Applied Sciences Pathway, 60 ECTS (fully online)

The UAS Pathway Studies to Finland consist of 60 ECTS, after which you are eligible to apply to continue your studies in Finland as a degree student. The pathway is available for studies in Business, ICT and Game Development. The degrees are taught in English at selected Universities of Applies Sciences in Finland. The pathway studies are fully accredited as part of your degree, and universities have reserved a number of study places exclusively available for successful graduates of the UAS Pathway Studies to Finland program.
Read more: https://uaspath.fi/.

A top up degree means that the student has completed a diploma or qualification at their home university. After finishing the diploma, the students can apply to continue the studies towards a bachelor’s degree at KAMK.

A double degree means that the student is a student in two different higher education institutions at the same time, and after finishing the studies, receives two bachelor’s degrees on graduation.

Both top up and double degree applications are based on agreements with partner institutions. Please contact your home institution before applying.

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