International business

John Wideman

is one of the newest editions to the incredible teaching unit here at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. With a Master’s degree in Business administration (MBA) – International Business Management and storied background in entrepreneurship and analytical research (Entrepreneur / Head of Research at ResultantPro Oy, Project Manager- Interregional economic development projects at Kainuun Etu Oy, and Freelance Research with Analyst Finland), John provides students with a comprehensive overview of various topics including Marketing Management, Supply Chain Management, Economics, Brand Strategies and more!

Ruey Komulainen

is our nature-loving, young at heart Senior Lecturer within the International Business School. Although originally from Malaysia, Ruey has lived and worked in over 30+ countries in the Asia Pacific (AP) region. Throughout her extensive working career which she began at 14-years old, Ruey has operated in the legal, banking, human resource management, research and teaching fields. Her expertise lies in HRM and Management related topics, that she currently teaches in both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Outside of teaching, she is also a proud mother of two teenage children and two adult stepchildren. She also enjoys travelling, baking, photography, painting, music and hiking.

Elina Jääskeläinen

is our local marketing expert with an expansive background in the communications industry including acting as the Communications Manager for global professional services company Deloitte. During her time with Deloitte, Elina was was responsible for the organizations marketing communications, content marketing, media relations, brand image and internal communications. Elina also maintains a Master of Administrative Sciences (MSc) from the University of Vaasa. Outside of teaching our Integrated Marketing Communications, Content Marketing, Media planning, Video production, e-business, and Leadership communications courses, Elina is a semi-professional eventing rider and manages a small horse farm here in Kajaani.

Maarit Vuorinen

has a comprehensive and diverse educational background with a Master’s in Arts and Design, PhD in Philosophy, and Master’s in Social Science. Maarit also developed a deep understanding of the consumer psyche during her time as a Communication Officer, Adult Education Planner in communication studies, and Marketing Coordinator across various international organizations. She has been a Senior Lecturer in Marketing since 2004 and currently teaches engaging courses in Services Marketing, Service Design, Brand Management. In her free time Maarit enjoys traveling, reading, theatre, music events, sports, and cooking.


Janus Pitkänen

has been a member of the Finnish esports community for most of his life, competing semi-professionally in CS:GO throughout his younger-years. Upon retiring from competition, Janus pursed a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business with a specialization in Russian Trade and a Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration; majoring in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability. Utilizing this newfound business-knowledge, he began researching the business landscape surrounding the esports ecosystem and was one of the founding members of the world’s first Esports Business degree here at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK). Janus now acts as a lecturer for this industry-leading degree and teaches various esports related business, coaching and event management courses. When not teaching or brushing up on his CS:GO skills, he enjoys swimming in the local swimming hall.

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